By Contextere • June 29, 2017

Why AI needs human ingenuity

One of our core operating premises here at contextere is that a human empowered by data will perform better than automation alone. The capture, storage, and compartmentalization of data will only get you so far and a worker with the right set of tools is needed to get you the rest of the way.

It is our belief that access to an ocean of data can sometimes be a liability as opposed to an asset and that this will only become more exacerbated over time as data stores grow. Some amount of data curation is needed for a worker to be better informed. For example, if a blue collar worker is tasked with performing regularly scheduled maintenance on a Caterpillar 400Kw diesel generator and they are then given access to the service history of every Caterpillar generator in use since 2003, that worker is unlikely to perform the scheduled maintenance any better than if they were not given access to any data at all. However, if only the data pertinent to that worker’s task is given at the appropriate step of the work order, that worker will perform their task more efficiently.

Curation on its own will not provide every answer. AI and machine learning are not yet capable of surmounting the simple common sense and deductive capacities inherent to every blue collar worker. If the aforementioned diesel generator is not operating properly, yet every associated sensor indicates otherwise, automated maintenance techniques will not be successful. This is where arming a human with the right data at the right moment is the optimal strategy. They will be able to use deductive reasoning to find the root cause of this anomalous behaviour. A feat that AI is not yet able to surpass.

contextere seeks to improve the worker’s performance by providing relevant data points curated from enterprise data stores at the appropriate step in the work order as well as reacting to the worker as they use their knowledge and experience to get the job done. The symbiosis of human and machine benefits both.