By Contextere • June 15, 2017

The Impact of Industrial IoT

Consumer-level IoT products are nothing new. Smart TVs, home security systems, and connected climate control systems have all been available for years. In fact, the level of growth in this area may be slowing of late.

Yet, largely unknown to the average consumer, the integration of IoT technologies in industrial sectors is booming. It forecast that by 2021 over 1 million IoT devices will be purchased and installed every hour. This staggering projection would mean that the growth of Industrial IoT technologies would dwarf those in the consumer markets by orders of magnitude.

One significant benefit of this growth would be in the area of predictive analytics. Machine learning and AI can be used to sift through the torrents of data being transmitted by IoT capable devices to accurately determine maintenance schedules. With this in place, maintenance tasks performed by blue collar workers can switch from a reactive model to a preventative one and thereby improve safety and increase savings.

At contextere, these types of outcomes are what we envision becoming commonplace amongst the industrial blue-collar workforces of the world. New technologically enhanced methodologies can be brought to bear that will empower these workforces to work safer, faster, and smarter.