By Contextere • February 8, 2018

Lockheed Martin and Contextere Work to Increase Safety and Productivity of Blue Collar Workers

Last year we announced that Lockheed Martin Aeronautics signed a $1.1M USD contract with contextere for the in-service support of the C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft, whose users include the United States Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force. As the project is well underway, we thought it was timely to provide a project overview for our customers, partners, and followers.

Our engagement with Lockheed Martin has three main objectives:

  1. Reduce losses associated with unplanned downtime and improve workplace safety caused by human error through correctly conducting and validating work tasks.
  2. Enhance awareness of concurrent work teams and provide an ability to 'air traffic control' inter-related activities.
  3. Increase worker productivity and provide a greater ability to use cross-skilling supported by real-time curated guidance to reduce the workforce skills gap.

To achieve these objectives, contextere is combining artificial intelligence and human ingenuity to develop an intelligent personal agent for Lockheed Martin maintenance personnel.  The enterprise software solution will utilize an understanding of worker location, status, and asset location to intelligently advise the worker on next steps in their tasks. In doing so, it will deliver work guidance reflecting varying levels of worker competency, literacy, and English language skills. In short, our intelligent personal agent will deliver curated guidance and actionable insights to the Lockheed Martin technician, enabling them to conduct these operations reliably, effectively, and safely by answering the simple question – Now What?


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The Project

Our project involves the design, development, and delivery of our intelligent personal agent for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and articulates various data stores and sensor data feeds to provide guidance to field-based workers with their daily work tasks. The contextere intelligent personal agent consists of two elements:  a mobile user experience and a back-end data curation and capability. Given the nature of our engagement, the project will follow a multi-stage rollout, outlined below, wherein each phase builds upon its predecessor.

    1. Initial Mobile User Experience
    2. Initial Back-End Curation
    3. Connection to Lockheed Martin Mockup
    4. Connection to Lockheed Martin Sensors
    5. Field Trials