By Tyler Victor • April 12, 2018

DIGITAL Disruption – Analog to Algorithm

Next week contextere will be hosting a Canadian American Business Council (CABC) event in Ottawa at the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards (ICBY). As background, our Chief Executive Officer, Gabe Batstone, is on the CABC Board of Directors, which provides contextere with unique opportunities to take part in forward-thinking events that bring together industry leaders, such as Digital Disruption – Analog to Algorithm on April 16. What was once a consideration for business and government - do we do digital? That quickly evolved to how do we do digital and in the 4th Industrial Revolution it’s transformed into the foundational element for every business and government.


More specifically, we will explore the complexity of Digital Infrastructure, the impact of digital on current infrastructure, and the relationship of both on citizens. As will be discussed, the evolving digital infrastructure will have significant impacts on intellectual property (IP), privacy, equity, accessibility, foreign investment, and cyber security, just to name a few. Intertwined in the impact of digital is the different roles legislation, policy, and NAFTA will play in its evolution. For example, how can we create policies that foster innovation and creativity rather than stifle it, while maintaining citizens’ right to privacy?

Joining us to discuss these complex topics is a roster of incredibly insightful leaders. The day will kick-off with an opening keynote from the Honorable Scott Brison, Treasury Board President, who is a big believer in the transformation of our economies and workforce's in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Next, we’ll hear from trade guru Maryscott Greenwood, Chief Executive Officer of CABC, and Lena Trudeau, President of Nuage Strategy. I can’t wait to get their take on the future of NAFTA in the era of President Trump and the ongoing negotiations.

Following the NAFTA discussion, things get personal as the group explores the ‘Digital Citizen’ and its role in Canada with Sukhmanie Dev, VP Market Product Management of Digital Solutions at Mastercard. The lunch keynote will be a “fireside chat” with Mastercard President, Brian Lang, and Invest Ottawa Chief Executive Officer, Michael Tremblay.

Wrapping up the day, we’ll discuss ‘Digital Infrastructure’, the foundation of innovation, during a panel discussion with Greg McElheran, Director of Investments at Export Development Canada, and Iain Christie, Vice President of the Aerospace Industries Association. Here we’ll discuss the underlying requirements for successful innovation from a infrastructure perspective (i.e. high speed internet, talent, 5G, trade agreements, financial models).  

Ultimately, the day will serve to create a shared language around innovation to facilitate better discussion and thus better decisions. It is crucial that Government and Industry transparently share the opportunities, drivers and dangers of digital disruption as we collectively navigate the 4th Industrial Revolution.